Article Writing Tips – How to Make Your Articles Simple and Easy to Understand

The problem with other article writers these days is that they showcase their wide range of vocabulary when writing their articles. They use big, fancy words that only few people can understand. You see, the danger in going this route is that you’ll potentially annoy your readers. Keep in mind that these people do not have the time nor the energy to read between the lines and they will surely not be happy to decode your thoughts. Thus, it’s very important that you make your articles as simple as possible. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Use the simplest terms. Use those words that even a 10th grader can understand to make sure that your readers will easily get the message that you’re trying to get across. It would help if you mingle with these people on forums or on expos. Then, pay attention to the words that they usually use. These are the terms that you should insert on your articles to easily build connection with your readers.

2. Use examples. Sometimes, explanations are not enough to make your readers understand your content especially if you’re discussing difficult or relatively new issues. In these situations, I recommend that you give your readers relevant examples. You can also use images or illustrations so these people can visualize your messages.

3. Use short sentences. Using short sentences can really make your articles sound punchy and they can help you easily make a point. Use words or phrases as sentences. Really. There is no need to use a lot of sentences on your articles. About four or five is enough for each of your paragraphs.